About danfu

As the main domestic producer of the refrigerating compressor in China, Sichuan Danfu Environment Technology Co., Ltd specializes in the design, research and manufacturing of small hermetic refrigerating compressors and environment test equipment.

Danfu introduced advanced high precision and high intelligence production and testing equipment from Italy, Germany, Japan and USA, the annual production capability is up to 10 million units. Danfu mainly produces 10 series, more than 100 specifications’ refrigerating compressors with the cooling capacity covering 37-1050W and COP covering 1.23-1.95W/W presently. Our products are of strong competitiveness in the market and have passed numerous national and international certificates, such as CCC, CB, VDE, UL ,CE,CUL and etc, in line with the EU ROHS Directive. With establishment of a complete set of quality control system, DANFU was approved and registered by ISO9001&ISO14000, becoming the main base for compressor manufacturing and exporting. Danfu Compressor has the advantages of high efficiency, reliable performance, high stability, cost effectiveness, low noise, low volume, light-weight and so on, which can be widely used in refrigerator, freezer, water dispenser, dehumidifiers, ice machine and other refrigerating appliances.  


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